Web Design Mistakes In 2021 – What Not To Do

It is no top secret that the website is the backbone of every business. If you want your business to be successful in this COVID-19 situations, you have got to a well-designed website. As, due to social distancing, more and more potential clients are searching for information via the company’s website.

When websites first burst onto our computer screens, way before smartphones, customer who were into programming used to think it was a good idea to embed music and videos launch from the moment their website was clicked.

Given below are common web design mistakes that you must avoid.

  • Bad Typography
  • Website Barriers
  • Too Many Information
  • Not Mobile friendly
  • Not Considering SEO
  • Slow Loading
  • Multimedia Related Web Design Mistakes
  • Not Having A Clear CTA
  • Not Prioritising Grids & Columns
  • No Contact Details
  • Step Away From the Fonts
  • Horizontal Scrolling

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