How to make a custom WordPress Login and Registration page

In the WordPress, the login page is the most important page of the website. Without the ability to log in, how else can blog owners publish great content? In addition to content creation, this is also the way into the various WordPress configuration options.

The default WordPress login page is pretty simple and serves it’s purpose very well. It has the necessary fields for the user to enter their WordPress credentials and the page controls access to the administration screens, allowing only registered users to log in.

How to access the WordPress login page

The WordPress familiar with accessing this page, no matter what your site responsibilities happen to include. But just in case it’s been awhile, it’s typically found in the website’s root directory. The login page is typically something like As you can see, this one has not been styled yet.

How to customize the WordPress login page

In the following steps, CSS will be used for styling purposes. Also, there will be theme-specific code added to the functions.php file to make the custom page happen.

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